Replacement connecting cable for 1st Generation Syphon Soundwrap

2.5mm Connecting Cable

    • Custom 8-pin connection
    • 3 ft long
    • 2.5mm male
Crash Protection

Crash Protection


Optional crash protection coverage available for purchase with any SoundPro. This entitles you to replace your SoundPro in the event of a crash! Send the broken component back to us and we'll send out a replacement for FREE!

"This pumps out some serious volume with unbelievable sound quality.  It takes riding to a whole new level."

SnowWest Magazine

"FINALLY. It's about time someone figured this out.  These are rad. Super comfy and sounds great."

Mark Freeman 408

"If you want to listen to music while riding without earbuds jabbing into your head, this is it!"

Colin (Scummy) Morrison