Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Sound System mount in the helmet? Do I need to install it?

The Sound System fits the best when you slide the two speakers behind the helmet liner into the ear holes. That keeps it in place and is situated in a way where you can't even feel that the speakers are there.

Can I plug it into my MP3 Player or other non-bluetooth device?

The black bluetooth box has a port that you can use to plug in any standard auxiliary chord. However, the speakers themselves cannot plug directly into a playing device.

How loud is it?

The Syphon Sound System can exceed 100dbs. In other's insanely loud.

What is that black box?

Inside the "black box" is the battery, bluetooth chip, and amplifiers for the speakers.

Why do you need the black box?

These speakers run off a very different type of power than typical speakers/headphones. What this means is that you need an amplifying source to get the speakers to work, and that's what's inside the box.

How's the sound quality?

Great! The primary feature of the Syphon Sound System is that it is the most comfortable sound system on the planet. It is also engineered to give you loud and clear sound while riding. Loud situations, like riding a snowmobile, dirtbike, or on the slopes, have high levels of low frequency sound waves that can make it difficult to hear your tunes clearly. Our system was designed with this in mind and focuses on the higher frequencies that don't compete with loud noises around you, allowing you to hear your music loud and clear.

How do I adjust the speakers to fit different head sizes?

Since the speakers are so thin and lightweight, fitting them to your head size/comfort level is really easy. Some people wrap it around the back of their head, others slide the speakers behind the liner in the ear holes, we've even seen some place the speakers around the front of their helmet. You can fit it just about anywhere in your headwear.

Is there any sound leakage that might disturb others around me?

In our testing we haven't run into this issue. If you are in a quiet room with the volume turned up, there may be some sound leakage, but on the slopes/out and about where there is more ambient noise, we haven't noticed any sound leakage.

Is it water proof?

Our speakers are "sweat proof." The two stereo speakers are covered by a sleeve that is made with neoprene and a poly-elastane blend which protects the speakers from perspiration. The speakers themselves are also engineered in a way that repels moisture build up, so you can take the speakers out of the sleeve and still not have to worry about sweat or snow. Dunking the speakers in water will short out the electrical current in the wires, though, so it's not "waterproof"

What is your policy for returns/exchanges and shipping?

We understand that things happen, so if you aren’t satisfied with your order, we offer returns within 30 days of when your purchase was made. We’ll authorize a return for any items that have not been damaged, contain no missing parts, and have the original packaging still intact. Customers are responsible to pay for return postage at their expense. If upon you receiving your order, items have been damaged during shipping and/or are defective, Syphon will authorize a replacement or exchange at our expense. NOTE: Although it’s uncommon, for international orders Customs and Duties may be charged upon delivery. Syphon is not responsible for these.

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