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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the SoundPro speakers go in the helmet? Do I need to install it?

The SoundPro fits best when you slide the two speakers behind the helmet liner into the ear pockets. That keeps it in place and situated in a way where you can't even feel that the speakers are there. The speakers are designed to stay in place with hook and loop 3M Velcro. There is no permanent installation.

Can I plug it into my MP3 Player or other non-bluetooth device?

You cannot plug the SoundPro into MP3 Player's or other non-bluetooth devices. The SoundPro is a standalone product that is only compatible with Bluetooth devices.

How loud is it?

The SoundPro can exceed 115 dB. In other words...it's insanely loud.

What is that twist dial the speakers are connected to?

The twist dial that the speakers are connected to is the Bluetooth controller. Inside that thin controller is the battery, Bluetooth chip, and amplifiers for the speakers. It can attach directly to your helmet with included Dual Lock 3M removeable fasteners, or it can clip to your googles, chinstrap, backpack, etc. with an included attachable clip.

How's the sound quality?

Great! The SoundPro delivers crisp sound, extreme bass, and unsurpassed music quality. Our audio engineers worked zealously on the SoundPro to bring high-fidelity sound in a compact size. The SoundPro is designed to be the best sound for helmet audio. While the primary feature of the SoundPro is that it is the most comfortable helmet audio solution on the planet, we worked tirelessly to ensure its sound quality matches it's unsurpassed comfort. The SoundPro is the loudest, best sounding, most comfortable helmet audio system ever created.

Is there any sound leakage that might disturb others around me?

From our own usage we haven't run into this issue. If you are in a quiet room with the volume turned up, there may be some sound leakage, but out in the backcountry or at a stoplight where there is more ambient noise, we haven't noticed any sound leakage.

Is it waterproof?

Yes. The SoundPro has an IPX5 waterproof rating. In technical terms, the SoundPro is certified to resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. It is perfectly suitable for muddy, rainy, and snowy conditions.

What is your policy for returns/exchanges and shipping?

We understand that things happen, so if you aren’t satisfied with your order, we offer returns within 30 days of when your purchase was made. We’ll authorize a return for any items that have not been damaged, contain no missing parts, and have the original packaging still intact. Customers are responsible to pay for return postage at their expense. If upon you receiving your order, items have been damaged during shipping and/or are defective, Syphon will authorize a replacement or exchange at our expense. NOTE: Although it’s uncommon, for international orders Customs and Duties may be charged upon delivery. Syphon is not responsible for these.

How is the battery life?

In ideal condidtions with comfortable volume levels, the battery will last for 10-12 hours. In more extreme weather conditions (0° F) at moderate volume levels the SoundPro will last for 4-6 hours.

Are the microphones good?

Yes! The microphones are built directly into the speaker housing and are designed with technology that enables them to pick up your voice perfectly even while riding at high speeds with a loud machine. They are well suited for your coach communicating to you out on the track, and for staying in touch with your ridding buddies on the road or in the backcountry.