Earbuds suck. After a long ride with your buds being constantly pushed into your skull by your helmet, nothing feels better than taking your earbuds out. This ultra-thin sound system is so thin that you can't even feel that it's there. The Syphon SoundPro is versatile and fits just about anywhere. If you're wearing something on your head and want to listen to music...it'll work.

Bass You Can Feel

We've been engineering helmet speakers for over 8 years, and this is easily our best system yet. We figured out how to get crystal clear highs, thumping bass, and extreme volume, and still have the thinnest speaker on the market. You'll hear and feel the difference.

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • 115+ dB

  • 12 hour battery

  • IPX5 Waterproof

  • Microphone



Mount the control unit to the side of your helmet, or use the SoundPro's attachable clip to clip it wherever works for you! Everyone rides a little differently so we created our system to accommodate just about everyone. Oh, and there's no permanent installation so you can easily swap the SoundPro between helmets.

Crystal Clear Voice

The SoundPro houses ultra-dynamic-directional microphones inside the speaker units, meaning they can pick up your voice perfectly and filter out the wind/road noise. In other words, you can have crystal clear phone calls while you ride.


Bluetooth 5.0

The SoundPro uses the latest bluetooth technology (Bluetooth 5.0) giving you the ultimate wireless audio experience. No need to worry about wires snagging trees or something falling out if you wreck.

Glove-friendly Controls

Using this innovative "twist" design, you can easily control your music, pause/play, or answer a phone call even with bulky gloves.