THE SYPHON Sound System


Earbuds suck. After a long ride with your buds being constantly pushed into your skull by your helmet, nothing feels better than taking your earbuds out. This ultra-thin sound system is so thin that you can't even feel that it's there. The Syphon Sound System is versatile and fits just about anywhere. If you're wearing something on your head and want to listen to'll work.


The Syphon Sound System measures in at less than 4mm. This is made possible using our patented technology Electrostatic Ceramic Technology. Syphon is pioneering this new tech with our helmet speakers in an effort to eliminate ear pain while riding.

  • Sweat-proof sleeves (removable for washing)

  • 2 Syphon Speakers

  • 12 hour battery

  • Aux-in option

  • Quick-disconnect feature


Electrostatic speakers have been around for years and they are known for 2 things: 

1.) They're super expensive.

2.) They have awesome sound quality.


The Syphon Sound System incorporates a new, proprietary type of electrostatic speaker (EFL) that is comfortable inside a helmet. Plus, we figured out a way to make them cost less, but still sound just as amazing. Tell your audiophile friends that you scored a set of electrostatic speakers for under $200 and they'll flip their lid.


The Syphon Sound System fits into anything you wear on your head. Whether it’s a helmet, beanie, headband, or hat it’ll fit. Our speakers are so light weight that they'll easily stay on your head and it has 2 velcro strips on the back to add some security. You can fit them in your beanie and easily take them out and slap them in your helmet.


We designed the Syphon Sound System for extreme outdoor use. Whether you're on a snowboard, dirt bike, snowmobile, or motorcycle, you are most likely in a loud situation. The wind and the engine emit high levels of low-frequency ambient noise which can make it difficult to hear your music clearly. Our speaker system is audio engineered to perform at higher frequencies so you can hear your music in loud situations. The trade-off here is there is less bass, but in loud situations like on a motorcycle you can't hear bass anyway, so it works great! Our helmet speakers have some serious audio engineering behind them to make them sound great while riding.


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