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Sound System

Earbuds suck. They hurt and fall out easily. SoundPro's speakers are so thin you'll forget they're in your helmet and they'll never fall out.

"This pumps out some serious volume with unbelievable sound quality. It takes riding to a whole new level."

Snowest Magazine


"It's nice to be able to run some tunes while riding. Can't even feel the speakers in my helmet and they sound really good!"

Jackson Strong


"Day 1 testing them out on the sled was epic. They are so easy to use. They are going to be perfect for my adventure bike too."

Brock HoyeR

Brock Hoyer.png

Comfortable Snowmobile

The Syphon SoundPro is designed to easily slide into your helmet without the need of permanent installation. Once it's in place you can listen to music for hours at a time without ever having to mess with it. It's truly the easiest and most comfortable way to listen to loud, clear, high-quality music while you ride.


The Syphon SoundPro is loud enough to keep up with the loudest engines. It is specifically designed to cut through engine and wind noise to give you crystal clear, full sound.

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Control Your Music

Easily control your music and answer phone calls. The Bluetooth controller easily clips to your goggles, chin strap, backpack, or you can mount it on the side of your helmet. Controlling your music with gloves on has never been easier.

All-Day Battery

The Syphon SoundPro is built to withstand even the most extreme conditions, including temperatures as low as -40°F. With 10+ hour battery life, you'll never have to worry about running out of power while out in the backcountry.



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