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"This pumps out some serious volume with unbelievable sound quality. It takes riding to a whole new level."

SnowWest Magazine


"FINALLY. It's about time someone figured this out. These are rad. Super comfy and sound great!"

Mark Freeman 408


"If you want to listen to music while riding without earbuds jabbing into your head, this is it!"

Colin (Scummy) Morrison


"Now I can jam out to some tunes while I'm sliding in circles."

Sammy Halbert


"One of the coolest setups around."



"I don't even feel that they are inside of my helmet, I totally love them!!!"

Jennie Hallestam


"This is a whole new breed of sound system that is loud, secure, and versatile enough to work within the realm of action sports. It has endless possibilities."



"This is awesome. I really can't feel it in my helmet. I didn't think it would sound very good because of how thin it is...but damn this sounds amazing."



"I like that it can be easily swapped from helmet to helmet. I have a lot of helmets and this thing slid right in and out of each one no problem. I'm impressed."

Tony Carbajal


"Just got my hands on the new Syphon SoundPro! I can finally listen to some tunes when I'm riding! Would be perfect for snowboarding too!"

Emma McFerran


"It's loud, it sounds great, and it's comfortable. What else would you want! Ultra-thin speakers in a helmet... this will revolutionize an industry."



"Finally...I have been waiting for this! Awesome product! Ultra-thin, loud, comfortable speakers for all of my helmets...genius."

Maria Sandberg


"Versatile speakers in a helmet! This is the greatest idea ever. The amount of sound that comes out of this tiny speaker is insane. It's crazy loud."

Stunt Bums


"Whoa...that sounds good. Like, really good. It's so clear. It's crazy how it just fits into place so easy. It's like surround sound in my helmet!"

Rhet Rasmussen


"Oh you can definitely hear that! I ride one of the loudest bikes they make, and I can still hear my music with this thing. Awesome."

Drew Reynolds


Email From A Customer...

​This is an email we got from a customer who is also a manager of a powersport shop in Oregon:

​Hello Kyle and the entire Syphon team!

     THIS SOUND SYSTEM KICKS A$$! I took some time and installed my SoundPro into my helmet and went for a quick spin. Mind you, I have been using a bluetooth communication system, well not anymore! This system works and sounds so much better. I'm quite impressed with the quality of sound too. I was half expecting to get the same tin can sound I had out of my old setup, but was hoping I might get a bit more volume. How wrong I was! The frequency response of my SoundPro has a much wider range, AND, it is definitely louder. PLUS, 100% clearer, than my old setup. This system is nothing short of phenomenal!

     A quick history: I took a chance and pre-ordered the Syphon SoundPro (not something I normally do without having tested or used any particular item prior) and I'm really glad I did. Being a skeptic AND a bit of a pessimist, I was instantly put at ease when I emailed with a particular question and immediately received a response from the president/owner/operator and genius, Kyle. Not only were subsequent questions answered, but updates were presented without asking. This level of professionalism, personalized service and all-around humanity, is almost unheard of. These actions, by you, Kyle, and your team, are what make a difference and set you, and the Syphon company so much further apart from everything else. Well, I don't have ANY problem, letting everyone know, just how much I appreciate the level and standards you hold, in providing the world with the Syphon SoundPro product.

     It is my gratitude, in what you have provided me, that I will spread the word and offer "DEMO" opportunities for all of my customers here at the motorcycle shop. After my experiences and getting to utilize the system, I can tell you with all honesty, this is a product I believe in and will support & promote. I just want to tell you, Kyle, and the entire team, THANK YOU!


...and super happy...
Jeff Schneider